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I first fell in love with photography when I was 16 and my uncle lent me his 35mm SLR. I don't think he quite appreciated how long it would take to get it back! I found the whole process of creating an image with film hugely addictive.

After photographing skateboarding and music for years in Ontario, Canada, I made my move to Whistler, British Columbia in search of snowboarding and cycling. This adventure then took me over the Atlantic and I've since made my home in Scotland where the roads seem to continuously wind their way through beautiful scenery.

As well as always being that guy with the camera on a ride, I've been fortunate enough to work with some of my favourite brands, businesses and publications over the years - including Rapha, Velobici, Mr Porter, Cycling Weekly, Gleneagles and La Corsa. 

A massive draw to cycling is that you are open to, and a part of, the world around you, taking in the smells and sounds in a way that cannot be experienced in any other way - and I love capturing that feeling. The fact that I get to travel the world and meet so many amazing folks doing it, is a bonus. 

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